From the Director

Outreach is a welcoming place, a gathering place, a safe place …
A center for Advancing Families.

Outreach offers strengths-based support, respect, acceptance,
perseverance,excellence, inter-dependence …
With a focus on Advancing Families. 

Outreach is looking toward the future of our community …
And, Advancing Families.

Our life experiences shape who we are and what we become.
Where do individuals and families go to learn and experience life
differently when they did not have the best of circumstances or support?

Outreach’s mission is driven toward enhancing the lives of those in
our community through evidenced-based programs and services
that encourage family stability and economic self-sufficiency.

We believe that there is value and potential in every person.

We believe in building trusting relationships in any stage of our
lives that carry us through the journey that lies ahead.

We believe through Advancing Families, our community can
enjoy a better, brighter tomorrow!

Outreach welcomes YOU to join us in our mission in promoting
family stability and economic self-sufficiency!

Linda A. Ciampi, M.C.Ed.



Linda Ciampi