EOTC Board President’s Message

Welcome to the EOTC website.

As you review the pages of this website, you will learn that EOTC serves a broad range of children and adults in the Lackawanna County area. Remember this website as a resource when anyone asks you about services for families struggling through these hard economic times.

Although we recognize there are other organizations that help those in need, we believe that EOTC is unique in targeting low- and middle-income families that do not often get attention. EOTC child development programs reach children who would otherwise miss out on pre-school. EOTC workforce development programs help youth and adults increase their employability and move into jobs. The agency has the largest array of parent education programming in the community, including the region’s only Fatherhood Initiative. Each year, dozens of parents improve their child-rearing and life management skills through the agency’s Family Center.

Last year, more than 4,000 people participated in EOTC programs. Many of these individuals had endured the stress of addiction, joblessness or family break-up. Others were simply looking to find a new career or become a better parent. EOTC‘s extremely dedicated and competent staff promotes success by helping individuals and families build on their strengths.

Those of us who serve on the Board of Directors are gratified to hear from program participants who are moving forward thanks to their EOTC experience. Employers and other interested friends also report that they are greatly impressed by EOTC‘s achievements.

We encourage others in the community to support EOTC by reviewing this website and offering your support to this fine organization.

Anne Quinn Butler


Anne Quinn Butler