Board of Directors

Stephanie Mihal, President
Ryan McGowan, Vice President
Donald Ryan, Treasurer
John Morrison, Jr., Secretary
Anne Quinn Butler, Past President

Michael Cummings
Mary Beth D’Andrea
Kate Holod
N. Thomas Johnson-Medland
Teresa Lacey
Madolyn MacArthur
Jerry Musheno, Esq.
Michael O’Brien, Esq.
Nicholas Parise
Maureen Pesavento
Mary Belin Rhodes
Joseph Sileo, Esq.
Thom Welby
Cynthia Yevich
Mark Young

Honorary Board Members
Ida Castro
Sr. Maryalice Jacquinot, IHM
John Nalevanko
J. Randall Palko


Board Members Complete Strategic Planning
Members of EOTC’s Board of Directors recently held their annual retreat and planning session. The strategic plan for the agency is routinely updated and made available to the public. EOTC’s quality assurance program also includes regular board and staff training in nonprofit management.


Vice President/Treasurer - Stephanie Mihal

President Stephanie Mihal

Vice President Ryan McGowan

Treasurer Donald Ryan

Secretary John Morrison, Jr.     

EOTC Board of Directors